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Social Responsibility

Product Stewardship

An ever-growing global population, limited natural resources, and the steady march of climate change present fundamental challenges for the future of mobility, not only in the on-highway sector but also in the off-highway and marine sectors.

Based on the Paris Agreement from 2015, the EU, its member states, and other countries agreed to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Unlike for cars and commercial vehicles, there are currently no legal proposals or limits aimed at reducing the CO2 emissions of mobile machinery. Nonetheless, their impact on the climate is still being discussed intensively.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative drive solutions, we believe to have a responsibility to society to make products that move us toward a future of locally carbon-neutral off-highway vehicles and marine vessels, thereby contributing to the prevention of climate change.

In view of the fact that different applications require different drive solutions, DEUTZ strives to develop its engine portfolio with an open mind for new technologies. Our product range comprises the latest diesel technology as well as gas, hybrid, electric, petrol, and hydrogen drives, as well as solutions that use alternative fuels

Alternative Diversity

Our E-DEUTZ strategy is one of the main ways in which we are contributing to a future of locally carbon-neutral mobility. The strategy aims to build a scalable product offering of hybrid and all-electric drive systems for specific customer requirements in off-highway and marine applications. Fully electric drive systems are locally carbon-neutral, whereas hybrid systems reduce total carbon emissions per application by downsizing engine capacity while maintaining overall system performance.

In the coming years, our E-DEUTZ development team working from multiple sites will focus on developing four basic drive train designs (some all-electric and some hybrid) for customer applications in the low and medium power output range, for example ground support equipment, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. The aim is for these solutions to reach market maturity by the end of 2023. This means that DEUTZ is evolving from being a demonstrator towards full-scale series production.

Further information is presented in our Non-financial Report, chapter “Product stewardship”.