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DEUTZ manufactures drives that power vehicles and machinery around the world. That is our core business and our passion – and has been for 150 years. We are exceptionally strong when it comes to innovation, and this provides an excellent basis for change. Working with you, our customers, we want to facilitate the shift toward more sustainable drive technologies. Because together we can achieve so much more.

Our drives are already very clean, and they are efficient and powerful. Take the new TCD 3.9, for example, or our E-DEUTZ drives and the hydrogen engine. And not to forget infrastructure solutions such as the PowerTree and the H2 genset. Together with our partners, we demonstrated at the DEUTZ DAYS what our carbon-neutral product ecosystem will look like, for example on construction sites. Superior services included.

Join us on the path to a more sustainable future – and browse through the latest edition of our customer magazine. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Interview: We ensure the world keeps moving

How does DEUTZ design innovative drive technologies? Board of management members Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte and Dr. Ing. Markus Müller tell us how.


DEUTZ is a pioneer of carbon-neutral drive solutions. It has the right engine for every customer and every application, and alternative drive solutions are a key part of its…


This year’s DEUTZ DAYS gave visitors the chance to experience innovative strategies and solutions for drive systems hands-on.

DEUTZ Service

News from our service network and how digital tools are raising service standards.

DEUTZ International

DEUTZ Corporation has a new managing director and continues to expand its presence and service offering. In addition, news from Spain and Slovenia.

Research & Development

DEUTZ Engins move machines, peope, and goods. But first, they have to undergo - and pass - numerous tests. Rigorous quality checks for rigorous costumer demands.


Acting sustainably: On the water, with solar energy and in logistics.

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