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UNGC & Sustainable Development Goals

Because it operates within global value chains, DEUTZ has an influence on economic, environmental, and social developments. The Company is aware of the responsibility that comes with this, and as a consequence signed up to the United Nations Global Compact at the end of March 2021. DEUTZ has thus joined an international movement from the realms of business, politics, and civil society that has the common goal of making globalization more sustainable by making it work better for society and the environment.

As a member of the UNGC, DEUTZ has voluntarily undertaken – on the basis of ten universally accepted principles – to promote human rights, fair working conditions, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption.

In addition to the ten principles outlined above, signatories to the UNGC are also called upon to support the achievement of the United Nations’ general objectives and, in particular, its 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). The goals describe the key challenges and objectives in the context of a global sustainability policy and thus provide guidelines for the sustainable development of society, culture, and the economy. DEUTZ prioritizes eight SDGs, that will be incorporated into the strategic planning for all groupwide sustainability activities.

The progress we make in supporting the UNGC principles and the extent to which we are making a positive contribution to achieving the SDGs is revealed annually in our non-financial report.