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The engine company. DEUTZ®


These brand-new engines are used when a replacement is required. The configuration and specification match those of the engine originally installed and, if needed, can be supplied with the EAT system and peripheral components.

DEUTZ Xchange engines, which have been thoroughly overhauled, provide a rapid alternative to a new engine and reduce any potential downtime. All Xchange engines are covered by the same warranty as brand new products and are compliant with the latest emissions standard.

Professionally reconditioned engine blocks offer a quick and affordable repair option instead of a com- plete Xchange engine and meet the same high quality standards that are applied in engine manufacturing.

DEUTZ repair kits contain all the parts needed for the specific repair job and can be tailored to the customer's specific requirements.

These engines constitute a cost-effective, comprehen- sive solution for customers wishing to install a different type of engine, or where an engine has to be replaced because the original engine type no longer meets emissions standards, can no longer be installed, or is no longer permitted to be installed.