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The whistle-blower system

Within the DEUTZ Group, great importance is attached to compliance and integrity.

It is therefore requested of all DEUTZ employees to respect and follow applicable laws and official regulations. The same applies to DEUTZ internal instructions and guidelines.

This whistle-blower system helps to identify any infringements of the law and regulations quickly and to put an end to proven misconduct. After all, infringements of laws and guidelines can pose serious harm to the company, its employees, business partners, and even the general public.

The system was set up to receive communications relating to observed compliance infringements within the DEUTZ Group and is accessible for employees of the DEUTZ Group and external third parties, e.g. customers or business partners.

Use our whistle-blower system if you have concrete evidence of serious infringements against applicable laws, guidelines or company principles. Particularly serious infringements include:

  • Corruption, competition law and money laundering offences
  • Theft, breach of trust and enrichment offences
  • Infringements against securities conditions and illegal use of insider information
  • Falsification and suppression of contracts, reports or records
  • Serious violations of physical and psychological integrity, privacy and data protection
  • Misconduct in relation to accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing and balancing
  • Serious infringements against environmental conditions
  • Irregularities which can seriously damage the company’s reputation
  • Infringements of executives and board members.

Please bear in mind that all details you give can lead to decisions which may have consequences for the employees of the DEUTZ Group and third parties. We therefore request that you only provide us with such information if it is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.

Confidential handling

Selected employees of the DEUTZ Group accept the incoming information and forward it to an internal body where necessary, e.g. the compliance manager of the department concerned, for further investigation. If there is a corresponding suspicion, transfer to a law enforcement agency may also come into consideration. As part of the follow-up, it may be necessary to give information to other employees of the DEUTZ Group.

The follow-up of the information is strictly confidential. Your name or circumstances that may disclose your identity as a whistle-blower will not be passed on to the accused or the public. Disclosure of identity could only become necessary in exceptional cases, e.g. due to legal conditions.

Through diligent use of the information portal, you do not have to fear any disadvantages to yourself. However, in the event of misuse, e.g. deliberately disclosing false information with the intention of causing harm to a person, we reserve the rights to take action against the whistle-blower.

You do have the option of reporting your information or events anonymously. However, the DEUTZ Group prefers you to identify yourself, since this enables many investigations to be dealt with more quickly and more efficiently.

Storage period

The DEUTZ Group stores information provided it is necessary for follow-up or we are legally obligated to do so. Information is subsequently deleted or made anonymous at the latest three months after the investigation is concluded, i.e. the reference to your identity as a whistle-blower is removed and can then no longer be recovered.

Date, time, duration, frequency, etc.

Country, location, factory, etc..

e.g. names of the persons involved

Exact description of the suspicious event, the circumstances and the general conditions

Witnesses, name, tel. no., email address, etc.

Please use this field if necessary to provide any further information, e.g. motivation of the person concerned, regulations that the person concerned has violated, etc.

You can attach one PDF file up to 10 MB each.