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DEUTZ adds to its Board of Management.

Dr. Ing. Markus Müller joined the DEUTZ Board of Management as Chief Tech-
nology Officer (CTO) on March 15. This appointment strengthens the Company’s research and development capabilities with a view to better addressing the growing customer demand for future drive technologies. Markus Müller has spent more than 13 years at DEUTZ in total. In his previous role as Senior Vice President of Development & Technical Customer Support, he was responsible for research and development, electrification, and the central technical customer interface.  

On March 1, Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte took charge of finance, human resources, purchasing, and information services in his role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Schulte worked for ThyssenKrupp from 2008 to 2020, serving as managing director and CFO of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in his final two years at the company. 

Dr. Ing. Markus Müller, CTO DEUTZ

Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte, CFO DEUTZ

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A new look: the digital 2020 annual report.

DEUTZ is breaking new ground not only in the development of sustainable drive technologies, but also, as of this year, in its annual report. On March 18, the Company published its results for the year for the first time via a microsite, with all parts of the annual report accessible in the download center. The financial statements and other mandatory sections are supplemented by a magazine called “Growth - Innovation - Sustainability. NOW,” which provides entertaining and informative reports on topics from the world of DEUTZ.