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Crisis situations demand decision-making. Like so many other companies, the coronavirus crisis has presented us with major challenges. However, it also showed us our strengths, because in this crisis we recognised how important it is to tackle the challenges together and look ahead. We are sticking firmly to our growth projects, because they are the future of our company. We are keeping a particularly close eye on developments in the Chinese market, where we are already so successful with our joint venture with SANY that we now even expect sales volumes to double or triple for the year 2020. This is an extremely positive message that further reinforces our actions and decisions.

In the current edition of our customer magazine, we have summarised the most
important events of the last few months. You will see
that DEUTZ is on the move – and will continue to do so.

Strong in China

Deutz has completely re-aligned its China strategy in the last years. Even in the Coronavirus crisis. The company is continuing to forge ahead with the implementation of its growth…


Every three years, gambling metropolis Las Vegas hosts the CONEXPO. The most important construction machinery trade fair on the American continent and the world's third largest…


Sustainability is the current hot topic. Awareness of sustainability has also become a key focus of corporations.


When DEUTZ and 67 other companies approached the German government in April this year to lobby for a climate stimulus package, one message in particular became clear: even in light…


If you want to remain relevant and competitive in the future, you have to evolve continuosly - This old buisness wisdom also applies to service. A comprehensive programme of…


What began at the end of November 2019 with the report of a new type of lung disease in China, developed within a very short time into a pandemic that forced the whole world to…



DEUTZ subsidiary Torqeedo, global market leader for electric mobility on water, is restructuring its management. In the future, Dr Ralf Plieninger and Dr Michael Rummel will handle…

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