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Managers' Transactions

The rules governing managers’ transactions (formerly: rules governing directors' dealings) require persons with special corporate responsibility for DEUTZ AG and natural and legal persons closely associated with the managers pursuant to Art. 19 MAR to inform DEUTZ AG of transactions involving DEUTZ shares. All transactions involving debt instruments of the Company and the pledging or loan of the aforementioned securities must also be reported.

Manager are the members of the Supervisory Board and of the Board of Management of DEUTZ AG and other persons who regularly have access to inside information and who are authorised to make important business decisions.

Natural persons who are closely associated with managers include their spouses, registered life partners, dependent children, and other relatives who have lived in the same household as the manager for at least a year, as well as fiduciaries of the managers.

Legal persons according to rules governing managers' transactions entities are such legal personswho are acting on behaltf or in the interest of the managers or suchpersons who are closely associated to the managers.
All transactions involving shares or any debt or financial instruments of DEUTZ AG above an amount of €5,000 per calendar year must be reported. If the €5,000 limit is exceeded, all transactions within the calendar year must be reported. This means there may also be a retrospective reporting duty.

Please find a list with current Directors’ Dealings below.