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> Marco Braun, BOMAG Commodity Manager Global Services & Solutions Sourcing (left), and Matthias Trapp, Head of Spare Parts MRP Department (right), presenting the BOMAG Supplier Award to Cüneyt Tunc, Service Sales Manager at DEUTZ AG (second on the left).

Customer focus is at the heart of DEUTZ’s service operation. And now, in recognition of the speed and efficiency of its service offerings, the Company has won the BOMAG Supplier Award in the Services & Solutions category. Presented by BOMAG, the global market leader in compaction technology, the award recognizes outstanding supplier performance. DEUTZ won plaudits for the speed of its service delivery, its good product availability, the attractive pricing of its spare parts, and its digital DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions platform, which has been designed to make managing replacement engines easier.

A close partnership based on trust is key to a successful supplier relationship. Here, too, DEUTZ won further praise for the personal, fast, and highly motivated approach of its service employees. “As a team, we continually strive to enhance our services. We are delivering our services more quickly and efficiently, and in a more digitally integrated manner for our business partners and customers. To the benefit of everyone,” says Flavio Moreira Leal, Director of Sales & Service EMEA at DEUTZ.




DEUTZ is strengthening its service network and consolidating its position as an international fullservice provider with the acquisition of its former service partners AUSMA Motorenrevisie B.V. in the Netherlands and South Coast Diesels in Ireland. The two companies sell and service diesel engines in their home markets, where they operate as
multi-brand dealers. In order to provide the perfect service experience, DEUTZ is moving into regional markets to ensure close, direct contact with customers. The engine
manufacturer offers its customers a comprehensive range of local services through an extensive network of more than 800 sales and service partners in over 130 countries.








Over the past year, DEUTZ has restructured its service offering under the banner “S-DEUTZ – Service. Simply Smart.” The focus is on simple, smart, and – above all – digital solutions that make day-to-day business much easier while saving time and money. A lot has happened at DEUTZ with regard to Digital Service Excellence. New IT systems are in place, processes have been updated, and links with customers and service partners have been strengthened. Andreas Schmidt, Head of Central Sales & Service, provides an interesting insight.

> Andreas Schmidt, Senior Vice President Central Sales & Service, DEUTZ AG & Service, DEUTZ AG

Mr. Schmidt, what role does digitalization play in the DEUTZ service offering?

Digital tools and processes are indispensable for us too, of course, as they allow us to manage the scope and complexity of our business much more efficiently. For a number of years, our relationships with customers and service partners have increasingly been maintained via digital ordering and information systems. And we have further stepped up this form of collaboration over the last two years. We believe that the key to successfully adding value through digitalization is to ensure that all parties involved in the value chain are seamlessly connected.

That includes our customers, our service partners, and us as a manufacturer. Digital networking across company borders allows processes to be improved and creates the conditions for the development of new products and services.

What does that look like in practice?

Our new advanced service tool is a prime example of an innovative and, above all, custom-made method of providing information. Using a digital 3D model of our engine, service technicians can select the components they need and view detailed service information, from simple maintenance to complex repair procedures. A sophisticated menu ensures that each user is provided with information tailored to their specific needs: Beginners are given step-by-step instructions, while old pros are given only the most important specialist information. Making all relevant information available reliably and quickly saves time and improves the quality of service.

That sounds promising. And how are customers integrated into this process?

The link for us is the digital engine history, which is integrated into all of our internal and customer-side service tools. It collates all service-related information centrally and makes it available to the various front-end systems as required, enabling us to see which service measures were carried out on an engine, and when. This helps us identify and resolve problems sooner, saving the customer time and money. It is essential for this kind of networked relationship that all parties have access to this base data. Every customer who registers their engine via our service portal can see and add to their engine’s digital history. This also allows us to implement additional smart functions such as proactive maintenance alerts, and to offer our customers suitable maintenance kits and aftersales services at the right time, for example.

What developments do you foresee for the future?

In some ways, the future is already here. With the launch of our telematics solution last year, for example, we have entered the era of wireless, real-time engine condition monitoring. DEUTZ Telematics is a competitive package of hardware, software, and related services that digitalizes the process chain in the aftersales business to as great an extent as possible. In the event of a technical fault, our engines automatically send a service message. Our networked systems provide related solutions and the option to order the necessary spare parts. If preferred, our service partner can manage monitoring, inspection, and repair on behalf of the customer. We believe that linking up all participants in the value chain offers huge potential, and we are working extremely hard to implement standardized interfaces to our customers’ systems and those of platform providers. This way, we can continue to offer “Service. Simply Smart”.





The company was founded in January 2022 after a lengthy planning period. Everything moved very quickly once the green light was given, with DEUTZ Deutschland GmbH commencing business soon after in April. Working closely with our existing service network of 16 German dealerships, eight employees based in Stockstadt am Rhein (near Frankfurt) now support customers and dealers in our home market in Germany. The team’s task is to provide excellent local service through state-of-the-art equipment, comprehensive technical expertise, and close proximity to the customer. Managing Director Flavio Moreira Leal and Commercial Manager Thomas Schütz explain the background and the challenges.

What is the idea behind DEUTZ Deutschland GmbH?

Flavio Moreira Leal: Our dealer network in Germany is one of the most comprehensive and most technically skilled in DEUTZ’s global service network. Nevertheless, we have always been aware that there is room to improve our services and increase our aftersales business in our home market. The logical outcome is DEUTZ Deutschland. It allows us to strengthen the relationship with our customers by providing them with support directly, in close cooperation with our local dealers. This stronger market focus opens up new opportunities in terms of customer support, dealer management, and dealer development, leading to greater customer satisfaction and market share.

What are the benefits for DEUTZ customers and partners?

Thomas Schütz: A key benefit, especially for customers who operate across regions, is the centralized support from a single source, as it offers more direct communication channels, faster response times, and the best possible service at all locations. We also aim to improve ourselves through closer, more comprehensive coordination with our service partners. This will enable us to better understand the requirements of our dealers and meet their needs more rapidly, and it will actively highlight areas for improvement and opportunities to implement appropriate measures. We firmly believe that this will allow us to further refine our overall service offering in Germany.

What are the next steps for DEUTZ Deutschland?

Flavio Moreira Leal: We have already taken the first and most important steps. The launch has been a success and we have already made a profit in the first half of the year, a fact that we are very proud of. But now the real work begins. We have set clear growth targets for the years ahead, and we will need to further optimize our procedures and expand our team in order to meet them. We currently employ three service technicians, and our aim is to hire three more by the end of the year. Within the DEUTZ organization, we will also play a pioneering role when it comes to digitalization, for example, in terms of implementing powerful internal tools and in relation to company-wide systems such as our telematics solution. We believe that equipment monitoring and the digital management of service processes, such as automated service alerts in the event of faults, represent a golden opportunity to significantly increase efficiency for all parties involved in our day-to-day business. There is a lot to do, and we look forward to working with our service partners to further expand the DEUTZ service offering in Germany for the benefit of our customers.




Every October, agriculture takes center stage in the Vosges Mountains as 1,000 exhibitors from across the globe welcome around 180,000 visitors to the Foire de Poussay trade fair. DEUTZ France’s service team was also there with a stand, showcasing the S-DEUTZ brand and the recently opened Service Center East. Interest among trade visitors was high, proving that good service is all about proximity to the customer.