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Mobile Fast-Charging Station for Off-road Use

The PowerTree by DEUTZ is the first plug and play mobile off-road fast-charging station. It is a mobile and robust system for recharging machinery quickly and safely.

FAST-CHARGING TECHNOLOGY: Read the latest DEUTZ ATZ-article about fast charging technology.

Fast Charging

The PowerTree enables high power charging. The high-performance buffer storage on one side is charged using an available construction site power connection. The fast-charging station delivers charging power of up to 150 kilowatts with CCS2 DC fast charging offering output voltage of more than 800 volts, making it possible to recharge construction machinery in just 20 minutes.

Robust Construction

The PowerTree is housed in a sturdy 10-foot container, making it easy to transport the station to wherever it is needed.

Mobile use

Thanks to the robust 10-foot container, this charging station can be transported quickly to where machinery is in use.And the off-grid power bank function means thatthere is no need for a grid connection.


Technical Data  
Dimensions 3.000 mm x 2.500 mm x 2.600 mm
118" x 98" x 114"
AC input connection 63 A @ 400 V (CEE) 
Battery capacity 126 kWh
DC charging points 2 x CCS
Fast Charging 1x 150 kW Charging Power at 800 V 
2x 75 kW Charging Power at 800 V
AC charging points 32 A @ 400 V + 16 A @ 230 V (CEE)
Operating modes On Grid & Off Grid
Fire detection system Equipped
Lifetime 10 years
Total weight ~ 4.500 kg
DEUTZ Digital Service Status of charging station via mobile communications

Digital services


Manage your PowerTrees effortlessly.

Our digital services provide an excellent, clear overview of your PowerTrees. You can manage charging processes, authorizations, and sites.


  • Fleet management
  • Charge management
  • Remote servicing of charging stations
  • Site control
  • DEUTZ RFID card
  • Display of charging processes
  • Billing management
  • Mobile app
  • Web app
  • Cloud-based