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Sustainability at DEUTZ

The responsibility for addressing global challenges does not lie exclusively with politicians and society but also, in particular, with business. Read on to find out how we are facing up to our responsibilities. 

"Taking Responsibility"

Our objective is to strive
for commercial success while fulfilling our corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities.
This is the mission outlined in our groupwide Taking Responsibility sustainability strategy.
All the targets we have set ourselves to achieve this are brought together in our Sustainability Vision.

Sustainability Vision

Social responsibility

Our target: The ongoing development of innovative drive solutions for sustainable off-highway mobility in the future, for the benefit of the society we live in. 

Corporate responsibility

Our target: To conduct ourselves in a lawful and morally correct manner, to take responsibility for one another, and to face our day-to-day challenges with team spirit. 

Environmental responsibility

Our target: To continuously reduce the impact of our business activities in order to play our part in protecting the environment and preventing climate change at global level.

Non-financial report 2022

In our annual non-financial report, we outline the progress we have made in achieving our sustainability goals during the year under review.

Management and Steering

Sustainability is firmly enshrined in our overarching business strategy, and overall responsibility lies with the CEO.

UN Global Compact & SDGs

DEUTZ is committed to the ten UNGC principles and is helping to achieve the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.


We are happy to answer any questions you might have that go beyond what our online information can offer.