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Business Partner Compliance

We at DEUTZ have ensured for many years that our employees comply with all official and legislation requirements. 
We expect also the same from our business partners.

With this in mind, we have decided to conduct a more in-depth compliance audit of our business partners than so in the past. 
This audit is based on national and international requirements - e.g. anti-corruption laws, anti-money laundering laws, etc. - and is conducted in accordance with the principles of the Federal Data Protection Act.

We also require the active support of our business partners in order to comply with the legal requirements and to carry out the audit effectively. 
Through the support and commitment of our business partners, we are taking the common path to compliance with the generally applicable compliance standards.

In order to carry out the compliance check, we ask our existing and future business partners to complete a Business Partner Questionnaire, 
which is used as a component for the test. The information provided passes through our DEUTZ risk model. 

Our target in reviewing our business partners is always to maintain business relations  with companies that meet 100 percent of our requirements in terms of responsible, ethically impeccable and lawful conduct. Only in this way can we meet all legal requirements and continue to cooperate with our business partners on a successful basis in the future.