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Internships, practice-based theses, working student jobs or professionally integrated master’s courses: no matter at what stage of their studies, students have the opportunity to gain practical insight into professional life at DEUTZ, establishing important contacts for later in life and to secure themselves a major head start in their future careers.

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You’ve chosen a technical bachelor’s degree, and the curriculum calls for a work placement or internship as admission to be completed by the third semester. You can perform the modules of the work placement or internship required by the universities over a period of between six weeks and three months in various departments at DEUTZ where you will learn machining techniques, assembly, quality control, etc.

Students who want to enhance their theoretical knowledge from their technical or commercial bachelor’s or master’s degree with work experience, are in just the right place at DEUTZ.

During the internship or the practical semester, students work independently on agreed topics or are part of a project team. Because we want to inspire them for the world of engines, for a period of three to six months we offer them work on smaller projects and interesting tasks, intensive support within the department as well as opportunities of continuing their education. An appropriate remuneration for the period of the practical semester is matter of course for us.

You are getting towards the end of your bachelor’s or master’s programme and want to write a practice-oriented thesis?

DEUTZ offers exciting opportunities to combine the academic requirements of the university with practical experience at an industrial company. In our technical and commercial areas, we have a number of interesting topics that are suitable for a dissertation. To ensure the experience is a success for the students, they receive intensive support from us. Working together makes it possible for students to apply their theoretical knowledge and, at the same time, this produces working results that we can use in our projects.

But even if a highly specialised theme has been coordinated with the University, we are happy to receive to a speculative application. Because we are open to suggestions and will be ready to consider whether we can fulfil this goal in one of our departments.

Students who want to work in addition to their studies and make some money can join us as a working student. You will be assigned to a department that best corresponds to the subjects you are studying and will help the employees in their daily tasks or in project work.

Students with a good bachelor's degree have the opportunity to complete a commercial or technical master’s degree combined with a career at DEUTZ. The students are permanently assigned to a department and work on tasks and projects there from the outset. The students are released to attend seminars at their university, so that along with a great deal of practical working experience they end up with the degree “Master of...” in their pocket.