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S-DEUTZ: Q&A with Martin Grosse

Mr. Königsklasse

Martin Grosse is a B2B influencer with more than 30,000 followers. He has been voted a top social seller by over 660,000 users.

Mr. Königsklasse: What is ‘S-DEUTZ Service. Simply Smart’ all about?

Andreas Schmidt: S-DEUTZ is our new sub-brand and the communication platform for all of our services, service products, and future digital tools.

Mr. Königsklasse: What can S-DEUTZ customers expect going forward?

Andreas Schmidt: As a first step, it is essential that customers register their engine via the S-DEUTZ portal to ensure that they have immediate access to our complete service portfolio and digital services. Customers will then have access to the full history of their engine, provided that DEUTZ handled all of its maintenance and servicing. Based on this data, we will be able to provide our customers with a tailored, proactive, and predictive service featuring very attractive offers.

Mr. Königsklasse: How will S-DEUTZ change and transform DEUTZ AG?

Michael Wellenzohn: The digital tools tell us how customers use our engines, and for how long. We can use this data to provide our customers with innovative, tailored, and comprehensive support to ensure that the engines in their machinery and applications always run with 100 per cent reliability.

"S-DEUTZ adds a new dimension to service that will revolutionize the off-highway
service business.."

Michael Wellenzohn

Mr. Königsklasse: How do you propose to meet all of your objectives?

Michael Wellenzohn: We have tools that enable us to deliver the required parts to the right place at the right time. By registering their engines, our customers can access an overview of the entire maintenance, service, and repair history of their engines at any time. We also use telemetry to make an engine's operational data available via the cloud. This enables us to provide even better support for our customers in the areas of mainte- nance, repair, and damage prevention, and to increase customer satisfaction over the long term.

Mr. Königsklasse: Why should customers register with the S-DEUTZ portal?

Michael Wellenzohn: Because it gives our customers access to an unparalleled, proactive service. The clearly documented service history and the fact that we are the manufacturer means that we know the engines inside out. And thanks to telematics, we can quickly identify faults and avoid unscheduled downtime or major engine damage.

Martin Grosse interviewing Andreas Schmidt, Senior Vice President of Central Sales & Service, and Michael Wellenzohn, member of the Board of Management responsible for sales, marketing, and service