DEUTZ Electric Technology

Certified safety and performance in electrification

The innovative and transformative electric technologies that we develop at DEUTZ make us a reliable partner for customers on the path to a more sustainable future.


Climate change will be one of the biggest challenges for the global community in the years ahead. It is vital that we set a course for decarbonisation by 2050 as quickly as possible and bring to market the technologies that will enable us to do so.

Many countries, cities, and municipalities are already planning zero-emission zones and zero-emission construction sites with the aim of protecting the environment and improving quality of life. As demand for sustainable and efficient solutions grows, the focus is increasingly turning to electric drives, which represent a transformative technology of the future. 

At DEUTZ, we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions in the off-road sector and we believe that an open technology approach is the right way to achieve this. That is why we are developing a wide range of solutions to be able to offer the right, most environmentally friendly alternative for every application in the long term.

Find an overview of our latest electrical solutions in the following section.


The Heart of our Electric Technology

The DEUTZ E360 Electric System is a turnkey solution for the electrification of a wide range of applications, offering the right solution for different power requirements and installation spaces. Discover the efficiency, performance and environmental friendliness of our system: from the powerful inverter to the intelligent control system, learn all about how it works and how it can be used.


Revolutionizing Electric Applications

Dive into the world of our high voltage batteries driving the propulsion of our electric future. Learn how lithium-ioned batteries solutions are revolutionizing the range and performance of electric systems. From energy density to lifespan - you'll find all the information you need here.


Flexible High Power Charging System

Discover the future of charging for a wide range of applications with our mobile fast charging system. From construction sites and airports to automobiles - find out more about the benefits of the PowerTree.


Alongside electric drives, alternative fuels are key to improving the carbon footprint of internal combustion engines. Biodiesel is one option, but DEUTZ engines can also run on synthetic fuels and hydrogen. 

With the "PowerTree", we have developed an innovative solution to efficiently implement a mobile and electric charging station for electrified off-road vehicles. (Link zu PowerTree Seite)