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Experience Engine History at the Technikum

If you have ever wanted to see the original four-stroke engine prototype from 1876 or the first crosshead-less diesel engine from 1898, you have come to the right place. Guided tours of the DEUTZ Engine Museum are available free of charge to technical enthusiasts. Book a tour and get started.

Over 150 Years of engine history at the DEUTZ AG Technikum

DEUTZ AG can trace its roots back more than 150 years – to 1864 – when it was established as the world’s first engine factory. In 1867, the Company’s founder, Nicolaus August Otto, developed an atmospheric gas-powered engine, the first internal combustion engine ever to be manufactured in significant numbers. Then in 1876, the ingenious Otto – a self-taught engineer – invented the first functional and viable four-stroke engine and thereby launched the motorization of the world from Cologne’s Deutz district.

The earliest historical engines in DEUTZ’s unique collection date back to 1875. The exhibits first went on public show at the factory museum back in 1925. Today, the DEUTZ Technikum contains more than 50 engines and provides a fascinating insight into the history of internal combustion engine manufacturing.

The atmospheric gas-powered engine from 1867, the original prototype four-stroke engine from 1876, the first crosshead-free diesel engine from 1898, and many other pieces bear witness to how engine technology has evolved and illustrate Cologne’s historical importance as a center of commerce and engineering.

Modern exhibits are also on display at the Technikum, including the legendary air-cooled engines, the medium-sized and large engines that have made a name for themselves worldwide, and today’s cutting-edge engines that lead the way in terms of environmental considerations and efficiency. You too can explore the fascinating world of DEUTZ engines for yourself here in Cologne. 

If you would like to visit the Technikum, please email us to book a guided tour.


Ottostraße 1
51149 Cologne (Porz-Eil)

Guided tours

Monday - Friday
For groups of 8 to 20 people
(guided tours for individuals or groups of fewer
than 8 people are unfortunately not possible)
Visitors must be aged 14 or older

Duration of guided tour: 1.5 to 2 hours

Admission price: Free of charge

Booking for guided tours

If you would like to visit the Technikum, please email us to book a tour, stating the number of people and the date and time you would like to come: (bookings are only accepted by email; it is not possible to book a tour over the phone)

Please note that you must book in advance as the museum is not open to the public. Please send your request at least two weeks in advance. For operational reasons your preferred date and time may not be available. Bookings are processed in the order in which they are received.

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