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DEUTZ outlines tomorrow’s drive technologies to the Chinese minister for science and technology

At the invitation of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association (CICEIA), Michael Wellenzohn, member of the DEUTZ AG Board of Management for sales/marketing and service, took part in the International Seminar on Powertrain Technology Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Fuel Vehicles. The seminar was held on 15 January in the Science and Technology Hall in Beijing.

The event was representative of the highest decision-making levels in this important growth market, especially since it was also attended by Wan Gang, the Chinese minister for science and technology. The conference also saw participation by forty senior figures, professionals and academics from respected companies, trade associations, research institutes, universities and from the relevant ministries in Germany, Austria and other European countries, as well as Canada and Japan. The aim of the symposium was to further promote international collaboration and to speed up the changeover to and the improvement of efficient and low-emission drive technologies.

In his speech, Michael Wellenzohn first thanked the other symposium participants for allowing him to present DEUTZ’s strategy for further developing its drive systems and explained that “it was DEUTZ that had played a definitive role in motorising the world after Nicolaus August Otto, the company’s founder, had invented the four-stroke engine. Although the diesel engine will continue to be in demand in the heavy-duty sector, thanks to its great energy density and unique range of possible applications, the internal combustion engine stands today at a decisive turning point. There is a steady rise in the requirement for efficient, clean and environmentally friendly drive systems. As the first engine manufacturer to be awarded EU Stage V certification, DEUTZ has already responded to this trend and is now taking the decisive next step. When it comes to innovative drive technologies, we intend to make use of every available option: from alternative fuels from renewable energy sources that will make carbon-neutral mobility a possibility, to hybrid and all-electric drives that reduce carbon emissions and cut running costs. Following its acquisition of Torqeedo, the specialists in electric drive systems, DEUTZ now has extensive know-how in this area that will be translated into standard products as early as two to three years from now. From 2019, we will also be introducing LPG-powered gas engines as well as working on bi-fuel and hydrogen solutions. It’s our belief that all these approaches will, sooner or later, be of relevance to every market; we are, consequently, positioning ourselves early on as suppliers of innovative drive systems.”

In conversation with the symposium attendees, Minister Wan Gang explained “that green developments, an ecological culture and achieving both balance and compatibility between people and the natural environment were general trends in business. Because of the increasing popular demand for good environmental conditions, great attention is being paid by all sectors of society to energy saving and emission reduction. Reducing emissions and lowering consumption will be the factors which determine the future development of combustion engines. Integrating electric drives is the direction of travel for future drive technologies. Great attention should also be paid to the progress made in fuel cell technology and its industrial application – the electrification of drive systems is an unstoppable tide.” DEUTZ’s electrification strategy is perfectly in step with this trend, helping to shape developments within the off-highway segment. Together with its further developments in drive systems for alternative fuels, including hydrogen, DEUTZ is ideally positioned to meet the needs of tomorrow – whether from China or the rest of the world.

Wan Gang (8th from left), China’s Minister for Science and Technology, received Michael Wellenzohn DEUTZ’s Board of Management member (6th from left) and other attendees in Beijing. Other guests included senior representatives from the sector, such as Prof Stefan Pischinger, Chief Executive Officer of the FEV Group (4th from left), Hirai Toshihiro, Corporate Vice President of Nissan Motor (far left), Peter Tyroller, Managing Director of Robert Bosch GmbH (6th from right), Helmut List, Board Member and CEO of AVL List GmbH (4th from right) and Dr Li Jun, Chief Engineer of China FAW Group (2nd from left).