DEUTZ Piston

In the heart of every combustion engine, the pistons transfer the combusting fuel´s force to the piston rods and camshaft.

A piston may look like a simple, cylindrical piece of metal, but it ranks among the most complex parts in the entire engine. The result of a long development process, DEUTZ pistons are high-precision products made from high-grade materials that feature a complex, spherical and conic shape. It is only after having reached operating temperature that the piston will expand to the exact proportions required to enable safe and economical engine operation. Only DEUTZ Genuine Pistons offer the specific design that is required for optimum engine performance!

Product features
  • The specific design matches the engine perfectly, resulting in long lifetime and optimum engine operation.
  • Carefully designed combustion bowls enable optimized combustion, allowing for reduced fuel consumption and emission. 

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