DEUTZ Extended Engine Warranty

The exclusive DEUTZ Extended Engine Warranty, lasting up to five years, protects you against unexpected repair costs and provides a more reliable basis for planning. The attractive extended warranty is available for virtually all application segments and is valid for up to 60 months and up to 10,000 operating hours. Moreover, the Extended Engine Warranty covers all components including exhaust aftertreatment. Warranties with a reduced operating hours limit are also available for equipment with fewer operating hours.

Your benefits
  • Protection up to 5 years or 10,000 operating hours
  • 100% coverage of spare parts and labor costs
  • attractive and flexible conditions
  • available for all components including exhaust aftertreatment
  • extended ordering period of up to 500 operating hours in combination with the first maintenance interval
Terms and conditions
  • All service and maintenance must be carried out in accordance with DEUTZ maintenance instructions specific to the engine type
  • Use of DEUTZ operating fluids, or operating fluids approved by DEUTZ, as well as using the recommended fuel type
  • Online engine registration in the DEUTZ Service Portal under


The DEUTZ Extended Engine Warranty program

 < 4 Liters4–8 Liters>8 Liters
3 Years3.000h4.500h7.500h
4 Years4.000h6.000h8.000h
5 Years5.000h7.500h10.000h
5 Years red.2.500h4.000h6.000h

For further information on the purchase of the extended warranty, please contact our DEUTZ Service Partners.

With our Extended Engine Warranty you can now prolong the warranty period of your DEUTZ engine (new engine and Xchange engine) by up to five years.

Our warranty programs are available for most applications and can be configured up to 10,000 operating hours. For customers with lower operating hours, extended warranties can be offered with reduced maximum operating hours.

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