DEUTZ Oil Filter

Efficient filtration of coarse and fine particles in the lubricating oil.

Clean engine oil is essential for preserving the performance and reliability of your engine. This is why you should rely exclusively on high-quality, genuine parts when it comes to replacing the oil filter. Genuine DEUTZ Oil Filters provide reliable filtration and protect the engine from wearing and damage caused by dust, soot and other particles. The best protection for your engine!

The benefits of buying DEUTZ
  • Large filter surface and consistently high filtration efficiency
    High dirt capacity and optimum filtration performance throughout the entire service interval
  • Precisely opening overflow valve
    Ensures sufficient supply of oil even when the maximum filter capacity is reached and prevents premature opening of the valve - a common problem with low-quality filters
  • Corrosion resistant housing with high compressive strength and high quality seals 
    Safe protection against leakage
  • High tear resistance of the filter medium
    Prevents tearing and entry of unfiltered oil into the engine
  • Special coating
    Protection against water and aggressive chemical components of the oil - prevents filter from becoming prematurely brittle or clotted
  • Anti-drain lock
    Prevents the filter from draining when the engine has been switched off, thus ensuring sufficient oil is available when restarting.

Genuine DEUTZ Oil Filters ensure that your engine is optimally supplied with oil at a all times - for cold starts, frequent restarting, operation at low load and at high temperatures.

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