DEUTZ Premium Additives

DEUTZ Premium Additives are ideally suited to support your engines within daily use. DEUTZ FlowBoost and DEUTZ StartBoost, as well as DEUTZ InSyPro Plus® are designed to support your DEUTZ engines perfectly and will help to lower your operating costs.

InSyPro Plus

Our fuel additive DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro Plus® has been developed for modern diesel engines with their high demands on diesel fuel. DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro Plus® is a dual-action, 2-in-1 additive:

„Keep Clean“ fuel stabilizer
  • Increases shelf life of diesel fuel and prevents deposits
  • Prevents filters from becoming contaminated and clogged 
  • Guarantees a safe engine start after longer shutdowns 
„Clean-Up“ cleaning action
  • Dissolves deposits in the injection components
  • Prevents black smoke caused by fuel deposits, reduced engine performance and increased fuel consumption 
  • Recommended especially for high pressure injection systems

Increase the availability of your machine and save costs through the regular use of DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro Plus®!


DEUTZ StartBoost is a high-performance fuel additive that ensures engine starting capability after a longer periods of standstill and significantly improves fuel storage stability. The storability of the fuel is supported by chemical stabilisers, where as cetane number improvers are used to improve the engine starting behaviour.

Product features
  • Increases start-up reliability by improving the ignition behaviour (cetane number)
  • Increases fuel storability by improving the oxidation and thermal stability
  • Protects the tank, fuel lines and filters against microbial contamination
  • Improved corrosion protection of the fuel system
  • For stand-by and emergency engines
  • Upgrade of lower fuel qualities

Dosage : 1:1000 Liters
Storage: Frost-free, not above 40°C dry, seal tightly


DEUTZ FlowBoost is a powerful fuel additive that lowers the minimum usage temperature of diesel fuel by up to ten degrees. Special additives prevent the generation of large paraffin crystals and the clogging of fuel lines and filters.

Product features
  • Allows for longer use of summer and transitional diesel
  • Ensures operational capability by improving cold start behaviour
  • Prevents fuel lines and filters from clogging
  • Usage of summer- and transitional diesel at low ambient temperatures
  • Improvement of lower fuel qualities

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