DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions

Maintenance, repair, and servicing requirements will change over the lifecycle of your drive system because its condition, age, and residual value significantly influence the cost-effectiveness of possible repairs. With DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions, you benefit from economically viable and cost-effective solutions for all your needs throughout the entire useful life or lifetime of your drive system. From flexibly configurable Repair Kits to complete replacement of the engine, your local DEUTZ service partner will be happy to advise you.

The DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions:

DEUTZ Repair Kits contain suitable genuine parts for the specific engine type and the nature of the repair. They can also be expanded to meet your individual requirements. The kits are offered at attractive prices so that your drive system can be repaired cost-effectively, regardless of whether a simple repair or a complete overhaul is needed. Thanks to DEUTZ’s extensive service network, the kits can be supplied quickly and reliably. This means repairs can be carried out easily, even at short notice.

Professionally reconditioned Xchange short and long blocks offer a quick and affordable solution when it comes to comprehensive engine overhauls. This expert reconditioning meets the same high standards that are applied in engine manufacturing. The result is components that are functionally as good as new, offered on great terms, and with the usual DEUTZ level of quality. DEUTZ short blocks contain a base engine that has been thoroughly overhauled, comprising the crankcase, core components – such as the crankshaft, camshaft, conrod, and pistons – and the gasket sets. The medium-cooled DEUTZ 4–8 liter short blocks also come with the oil pump. The valve control unit and the entire cylinder head are included with the long blocks.

DEUTZ Xchange Engines that have been thoroughly overhauled represent a cost-effective and, above all, rapid alternative when an engine needs to be replaced. They are fully reconditioned in accordance with the highest standards, which includes replacing all wearing parts and bringing all components up to date from a technical perspective. Before leaving the Xchange plant, the quality and functioning of each engine is checked on the test rig. You therefore gain a product that is technically as good as new while benefiting from the usual DEUTZ quality and a warranty, just like with a new engine. DEUTZ Xchange Engines are available for all engine series and all emissions standards.

DEUTZ Replacement Engines are brand-new engines used when a replacement is required. The configuration and specification exactly match those of the engine originally installed and, if needed, can be supplied with the EAT system and peripheral components, such as the fan. Moreover, the delivery time, warranty, and statutory emissions conformity declaration of a DEUTZ Replacement Engines are identical to those of a new production series engine. DEUTZ Replacement Engines are available for emissions standards EU Stage IIIA to Stage V.

DEUTZ Repower Engines are a cost-effective, comprehensive solution when you want to install a different type of engine or, for example, wish to replace an engine in order to comply with a new emissions standard. Repower Engine projects encompass the EAT layout, emissions certification, and the complete application approval. They also cover all engine components, including the exhaust after treatment system. If needed, peripheral components and fans can be supplied as well. DEUTZ Repower Engines are available for emissions standards EU Stage IIIA to Stage V.

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