Flexible assembly system goes into operation at DEUTZ

  • New assembly line at the Cologne site for 4–8 liter engines
  • Equipped for full production of both diesel and hydrogen engines
  • New system is more scalable and more flexible

Cologne, June 6, 2024 – DEUTZ has today brought a further assembly line on stream at its Cologne site. The updated production technology used for assembly line 6 will enable large 4–8 liter engines to be built for the 2013 V4 and 7.8 series. Full production of the DEUTZ TCG 7.8 H2 hydrogen engine will initially be carried out on the assembly line too.

“The new assembly line 6 gives us much greater flexibility in terms of volume and engine variants, allowing us to respond to changing market requirements more effectively. It also represents a further milestone in our Dual+ strategy,” states Dr. Ing. Petra Mayer, COO of DEUTZ AG. Under its Dual+ strategy, DEUTZ is focusing on clean internal combustion engines, green technologies that meet the needs of the market – such as climate-friendly internal combustion engines – and the global expansion of the service business. “Full production of our TCG 7.8 H2 hydrogen engine, which is now under way, only requires an adjustment to the test rig. The engines can be produced on the same assembly line. This is another advantage of the internal combustion technology that is needed in our customers’ industries in order to achieve a climate-neutral future.”

The new production line was installed on the existing area of the Porz assembly plant and offers the greatest flexibility currently available in terms of variants and volume, enabling DEUTZ to respond to changing requirements without any loss of productivity.

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Caption: DEUTZ has today brought a further assembly line on stream at its Cologne site. Picture Credits: DEUTZ AG