Success through integrity

DEUTZ embodies pioneering spirit, innovation, and strong values including fairness, responsibility, mutual respect, trust, transparency, and openness. We prioritize ethical principles and compliance, ensuring our employees adhere to guidelines and regulations.


Our Compliance Management System (CMS) is based on national and international standards and designed to identify potential risks early. If necessary, the system will initiate appropriate countermeasures in order to act preventively and ensure compliant conduct within the Group. To ensure consistent compliant behavior the sense of responsibility of everyone in the Group is sharpened.

We at DEUTZ are organized in a decentralized compliance structure. The Chief Compliance Officer of DEUTZ AG, who is responsible for CMS and its ongoing development, is supported by compliance officers appointed by the Board of Management and by the Chief Compliance Officer for relevant areas and affiliated companies. We have also appointed experts in emissions, product, and materials compliance who report to the Chief Compliance Officer every six months, like the other compliance officers.

This enables us to offer every employee the opportunity to obtain confidential compliance advice, including in the individual divisions. Our target group-oriented compliance online training program is also available to keep all of our commercial Group employees informed about current compliance issues. It is supplemented by annual classroom training on current topics relating to compliance and integrity.

Furthermore, we utilize a globally accessible whistleblower system for severe regulatory and legal violations, which can be used anonymously.


The basis for this is our Group-wide Code of Conduct, which guides all employees on responsible, ethical, and morally correct behavior in the respective national language. As part of their joint activities, we also expect all third parties with whom we have a business relationship to act and behave in accordance with these principles of conduct.

You can find our Code of Conduct here 

The Code of Conduct for the DEUTZ Group's suppliers also summarizes our expectations of our suppliers and service providers regarding attitude and conduct. It relates to respect for human rights, compliance with occupational health and safety standards and health protection, environmental protection and anti-corruption. This means that we not only set high standards internally but also work to ensure compliance with our values and principles along the entire value chain.


When selecting our business partners, we ensure that they comply with the applicable laws and act in accordance with ethical principles. We expect these principles to be practiced throughout all the business transactions. For this reason, all potential new and existing business partners undergo a risk-based business partner compliance check.

Further information on the business partner compliance check can be found here 

In addition, there are Group-wide guidelines on compliance issues that are intended to ensure appropriate conduct within the DEUTZ Group toward our customers, business partners, and public officials. They guarantee that we assume responsibility for the economy, the environment, and society.


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