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Fuel filters

Filtration of water and particles in diesel fuel.

Modern fuel injection systems require the highest fuel quality: Poorly filtered fuel can compromise an engine´s performance and fuel consumption as well as shorten its life cycle, and can eventually lead to a total breakdown of the fuel injection system. This is why DEUTZ Fuel filters provide highly efficient separation of harmful particles and water - the perfect protection for your engine.

Product features

Fuel pre-filter

  • Perfect water separation of > 93%
    Ensures anti-corrosive protection of feed pump and injection system
  • Reliable particle separation
    Extends the life lifetime of the main filter and protects the feed pump against excessive wear
  • Easily operable manual pump with high performance
    Fast and comfortable maintenance
  • Integrated water collecting space
    Reduced liability to leakage
  • Optional pre-heater
    Prevents diesel fuel gelling and ensures consistent
    engine performance

Main filter

  • Finest particle separation
    Secure protection of the sensitive injection units
  • Large filter surface
    High dirt capacity and optimum filtration performance for the entire duration of the filter interval
  • Special coating
    Ensures a long product life cycle lifetime
  • Corrosion resistant housing with high pulsation and pressure resistance
    High filter reliability and protection against leaks 

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