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DEUTZ approval system for cooling system protective agents

With the implementation of an approval system for cooling system protective agents, the DEUTZ AG will expand the DQC oil approval system, which is already well-established with lubricant manufacturers and customers alike, to this product field. For this reason, the DEUTZ in-house standard H 0685-6 was introduced and contains the approval requirements and instructions for completing the approval procedure.

Approval designations for cooling system protective agents

Approval designation Cooling system protective agent type
DQC CA-14 Cooling system protective agents, contains silicate, based on monoethylene glycol (MEG)
DQC CB-14 Cooling system protective agents, does not contain silicates, based on organic acid (OAT) and monoethylene glycol (MEG)
DQC CC-14 Cooling system protective agents, contains silicate, based on organic acids and monoethylene glycol (MEG)

Only cooling system protective agents approved in writing by DEUTZ may be designated by the coolant manufactures in data sheets or other publications using the approval designations DQC CA-14, DQC CB-14 or DQC CC-14.

Please Note

DEUTZ is the sole owner of the trademark DQC that is protected for all countries of the European Union Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market at the official file number 012454112. Furthermore, trademarks are protected in the USA, Canada and in China. All rights and claims in respect of the brand remain with DEUTZ DQC. 

If you have questions regarding our cooling system protective agent approval system, contact us at:

You can find additional information and the monthly, updated approval list available for download here: 

Technical Bulletin (TR 0199-99-01228/4)

H 0685-6 (issue July 2014)

Fees for Release Issu valid from 07_2014

Appendix A (issue July 2014)

Appendix B (issue July 2014)

DQC Coolant System Protective Agents (issue March 2024)