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DEUTZ Engine Museum

Over 150 Years of Engine History at the DEUTZ AG Technical Centre (Technikum)

Today DEUTZ AG can look back on a history of more than 150 years: in 1864 the firm was founded as the first engine factory in the world. In 1867 the company's founder Nicolaus August Otto developed the first combustion engine in the world to be produced in significant quantities: the atmospheric gas engine. In 1876 the ingenious autodidact created the first fully functioning and developable four-stroke engine and thereby established the motorisation of the planet from the Cologne suburb of Deutz.

The company's historically unique collection of engines goes back to the year 1875. As long ago as 1925 it was made accessible to the public in a factory museum.

At the DEUTZ Technical Centre today over 50 historic engines covering an area of around 600 m² provide a fascinating insight into the history of combustion engine construction. The atmospheric gas engine of 1867, the original four-stroke test engine dated 1876, the first diesel engine without a crosshead of 1898 and many other exhibits impressively document the development of the engine technology and illustrate the historic significance of Cologne as an economic and technology centre.

There are also modern developments on display at the Technical Centre, for example the legendary air-cooled engines, the medium-sized and large engines known all over the world, as well as state-of-the-art engines which lead the world from the environmental and economical point of view.

You can also experience the fascinating world of DEUTZ engine technology live on our premises in Cologne. If we have awakened your interest, please send us a mail and arrange an appointment for a guided tour of the Technical Centre.

Ottostraße 1
51149 Cologne (Porz-Eil)

Guided tours

Guided Tours
Monday - Friday

For groups of 8 to 20 people (Unfortunately, individual tours and tours for less than 8 persons are not possible)
Authorised for teenager aged 14 and over

Length of the tour
90 up to 120 minutes


Registration for guided tours

Should you be interested, please send an E-Mail with the number of participants, your desired date and time to (please note: a registration via telephone is not possible at this time).

Please note: the museum is not open to public and a registration is required. Please send us your registration request 2 weeks prior to you desired date. Not every request can be fulfilles due to company procedures.