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In 2019, we adopted a Group-wide sustainability strategy that aims to link sustainability aspects more closely with the corporate strategy and to present a more holistic picture of the Group’s performance through the resulting incorporation of non-financial factors. The name of the strategy, Taking Responsibility, describes our objective of striving for commercial success while fulfilling our corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities.

Taking into account our corporate philosophy, we used a strategy process and materiality analysis to identify the sustainability topics of relevance to the DEUTZ Group. These topics are product stewardship, corporate citizenship, personnel development, occupational health and safety, corporate governance and compliance, supplier management, and environmental and climate protection. After identifying the sustainability topics of material relevance to our business, we defined the corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs) and used them to set quantitative and qualitative targets. We also drew up a plan of action with which we intend to achieve these targets. All our quantitative targets are brought together in DEUTZ’s Sustainability Vision for 2023.

Our new sustainability strategy, Taking Responsibility, was adopted by the DEUTZ Group’s Board of Management in the third quarter of 2019 after having been approved by the Supervisory Board. Ever since, we have begun to implement a series of measures that are designed to achieve the strategy’s targets. We are also laying the foundation for further measures to be developed and are adding detail to some of the planned initiatives. Every year, a materiality analysis will be carried out to determine whether we need to reprioritize either our sustainability activities or the sustainability topics deemed relevant to our business.