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Management and steering

Sustainability is anchored at senior management level in the DEUTZ Group. The Group’s Board of Management regularly discusses the central issues of corporate sustainability and adopts targets and measures that contribute toward the implementation of the defined sustainability strategy. Overall responsibility for this lies with the Chairman of the Board of Management.

The Sustainable Development Committee (SDC), which comprises the heads of the relevant departments and the individuals responsible for the key sustainability topics, provides the information that is used as the basis for making decisions related to corporate sustainability at the DEUTZ Group.

Guided by the Group’s Quality Management and Investor Relations functions, the SDC sets non-financial targets, creates action plans for achieving them, and endeavors to continuously improve sustainability engagement across the Group. 

Responsibility for implementing and monitoring the strategic initiatives lies either with the relevant departmental heads or the individuals nominated by them. In view of the fact that the DEUTZ Group is highly decentralized, they are supported in their work by local representatives at the subsidiaries. 

As part of our preventive risk management approach, internal monitoring and reporting on the implementation status of the sustainability strategy takes place at least once a quarter, with the Head of Quality Management, Environmental Protection, and Occupational Safety reporting to the Board of Management on the progress of the measures. The objective is to identify risks that might jeopardize the achievement of the targets at an early stage and to modify the action plan if necessary.