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Social responsibility at DEUTZ

Product stewardship

An ever-growing global population and the steady march of climate change present fundamental challenges for the future of mobility not only in the on-road sector but also in the off-road and marine sectors. As a leading manufacturer of innovative drive solutions, we owe it to society to make products that move us toward a future of locally carbon-neutral off-road mobility, thereby contributing to the prevention of climate change. We do this in accordance with our corporate philosophy and our corporate values of championing innovation and adopting a pioneering spirit.

Our activities are significantly influenced by laws and legislation in the form of emissions restrictions, emissions standards, and noise regulations. Because of this, our development activities are focused on bringing our engines into line with current and future emissions standards, such as Stage V and China IV, and developing innovative drive systems that are compatible with a variety of technologies. For example, our broad product portfolio ranges from diesel, gas, hybrid, electric, and hydrogen solutions to drive systems that run on alternative fuels.

With regard to conventional combustion engines, however, we also need to balance this with an ongoing assessment of older engine series that are coming to the end of their lifecycle, particularly if they cannot be converted to meet future emissions standards.

Another step in our constant efforts to pioneer locally carbon-neutral mobility solutions is the E-DEUTZ program, which was initiated in 2018. As part of this program, we are developing a scalable range of hybrid and all-electric drives that will meet the specific requirements of our customers in the off-road and marine sectors. Fully electric drive systems are locally carbon neutral, whereas hybrid systems reduce total carbon emissions per application by downsizing engine capacity while maintaining overall system performance.

1) The target for the share of consolidated revenue attributable to E-DEUTZ products was set in 2018 for 2022 and has not been updated under the new sustainability strategy.

Another way in which we are contributing toward the achievement of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals is by offering reconditioned engines and spare parts through our Xchange program. This extends the lifecycle of our products and makes a contribution to sustainable consumption.

Corporate citizenship

In our role as a corporate citizen, we want to make a positive and sustainable contribution to society and to the regions in which we operate. We are planning to put in place a Group-wide donation and sponsorship strategy by the end of 2019 that will specify responsibilities and decision-making processes and define the focus of our corporate citizenship activities. This will enable us to better target our activities in this area. The emphasis will be on community-based projects and on the promotion of education, innovation, and environmental protection.

We also intend to enact policies that will complement our overarching donation and sponsorship strategy. These policies will define the principles governing our activities and set out rules to safeguard their effectiveness and legal integrity. We also need to make sure that the objectives pursued by the recipient of a donation should not conflict with our Company’s principles.

Of course, we are already very active in our local communities. In 2017, for example, DEUTZ Spain founded the DEUTZ Business School at the country’s Zafra site. The school’s mission is to equip young people with the skills they need to meet the current and future needs of business and of the labor market. Through this project, we are also supporting economic development in the Zafra region and strengthening the autonomous region of Extremadura. The broad range of programs on offer are geared toward the needs of companies in all sectors and focus on dual vocational training, university courses in lean management, language courses with official certification, and continuing professional development, including in the form of seminars. The DEUTZ Business School was officially opened at the end of September 2019.

In 2019, DEUTZ presented an innovation prize – the Nicolaus August Otto Award – for the first time. It is named after the founder of DEUTZ AG and co-inventor of the four-stroke engine. The award is intended to recognize the visionaries of today and is endowed with prize money of €30,000 for the promotion of innovative ideas in the fields of alternative drives, transport, energy efficiency, cutting-edge technology, and future-focused research. It will be presented once a year.