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Environmental responsibility at DEUTZ

Climate and environmental protection

DEUTZ believes that part of its responsibility to society is to help improve the protection of the environment and climate around the world by developing innovative drive solutions for its customers. We also strive to fulfill our responsibility in this area by continuously optimizing the processes and activities associated with our own business operations with regard to their impact on the environment and society.

As a manufacturing company in the industrial sector, we focus our efforts around environmental and climate protection on reducing emissions at our production sites. We will primarily focus on the use of renewable energies but will also take other steps such as optimizing energy efficiency at our existing plants. A further key aim is to gradually reduce the volume of non-recyclable waste that we generate, for example by making our primary packaging reusable and by not using secondary packaging.

1) Base year 2017 unless otherwise stated. 2) Scope 1 and 2; CO2 = carbon dioxide equivalents; recorded in accordance with the GHG Protocol. 3) Cologne-Porz/Kalk, Ulm, Herschbach, Gilching (Germany), Zafra (Spain), Norcross, Pendergrass (Atlanta, USA). 4) Cologne-Porz/Kalk, Ulm, Herschbach, Gilching (Germany), Zafra (Spain); base year 2019.