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Becoming a supplier

As one of the leading independent providers of engine systems, we are always on the look-out for qualified and efficient suppliers worldwide. Become part of the supply chain at one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world.

To become a supplier to DEUTZ AG, you must complete the following documents and send them to DEUTZ AG for inspection. Please use the contact form below. After the check has been carried out, we will contact you.

Notes on the Global MMOG/LE:

We would like to ask you to purchase the Global MMOG/LE audit tool to perform a self-audit. As soon as the self-assessment has been carried out, we would ask you to provide us with the data in the English (or preferably German) version.

You can find more information at:

Please use the contact form to submit your documents.


As a supplier to DEUTZ AG, we expect you, in addition to the implementation of a sustainable zero-error strategy, to use the following:

With the AX4 logistics platform, you can communicate logistics data worldwide with DEUTZ AG and use applications for order management and tracking. DEUTZ Service supports all parties in the supply chain with their tasks and broadens their ability to control logistics processes.

AX4 registration

DEUTZ AG uses the SupplyOn platform to execute intercompany business processes. SupplyOn enables the transparent handling of processes with suppliers. It aims to optimise processes and thus significantly reduce administrative costs. Standardised and documented communication via SupplyOn helps us to meet the premium demands of our customers.

DEUTZ AG uses SupplyOn for the following processes

Process SupplyOn Service
Complaints management Problem solver
Performance overview Performance monitor
Project management APQP Project management
Response management Action management
Request management Sourcing
Master data management and querying Business directory

SupplyOn registration

More information about using SupplyOn.

The DEUTZ in-house standards and technical specifications for suppliers are provided via the DEUTZ Standards Database. The use of the database requires a one-time registration. All approved DEUTZ AG suppliers can register.

Information on registering for the DEUTZ Standards Database:

As a supplier to DEUTZ AG, we expect – in addition to the conclusion of a full supply contract – the conclusion of one PPM (parts per million) plus one SMP (submarket processes) contract.

  • PPM contract
    defines a PPM value, on the basis of which the supplier is measured at the end of the year.
  • SMP contract