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Testing Support

As a manufacturer of high-tech diesel engines, DEUTZ has profound technical know how as well as state of the art testing facilities for engines and components at its disposal. We offer support and access to these resources to our OEM customers and 3rd parties:

Testing facilities

  • High-altitude test facility
  • Functional and endurance testing
  • Cold chamber
  • Swivel and acoustic test bench

Exhaust gas and operating fluids laboratory

  • Analysis and evaluation of exhaust particle samples and operating fluids
  • Analysis of deposits, engine components, etc.
  • Support regarding fuel problems, disposal of hazardous waste, occupational safety

Materials engineering

  • Analysis of components
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Telemetric measurements

Field testing

  • Mobile emission tests, evaluation according to EU und EPA


  • Temperature, pressure, force and frequency measuring etc.

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