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Engineering Support

Growing demands by OEMs and end customers in terms of performance and fuel consumption as well as strict emission requirements determine the performance features and physical characteristics of modern diesel engines more than ever. Strict emission levels require additional components to be used for exhaust after-treatment. The installation space available in the machine however can not be expanded indefinitely, which can lead to immense challenges and changes on the part of the machine manufacturer. To make sure that highly efficient, fully electronically controlled engine and exhaust after-treatment systems reach their full potential when it comes to performance and efficiency, the entire drive train needs to be optimized.

This is where DEUTZ provides customer-specific engineering support and application services, to help our customers achieve optimum system integration of all hardware components and software functions. We offer individual solutions to allow for optimum usage of the available installation space and to reduce installation costs

As early as in the planning phase for new machines, we support our customers in the optimal configuration of the engine and its EAT system. Thanks to the numerous installation options available in our modular DVERT® system, we are able to find cost-effective machine installation solutions for a wide range of requirements and usage profiles, while keeping time and cost consuming design changes to a minimum.

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