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DEUTZ joins United Nations Global Compact

  • Engine manufacturer commits to upholding universally accepted principles relating to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption
  • Contribution to the sustainable development of the global economy
  • DEUTZ imposes greater accountability on suppliers in relation to their sustainability activities

Cologne, April 1, 2021 – DEUTZ continues to expand its engagement in the field of sustainability. On March 31, the Company signed up to the UN Global Compact (UNGC), joining other members of this international movement from the realms of business, politics, and civil society. The aim of the UNGC is to steer globalization in a socially and environmentally more responsible and therefore more sustainable direction through concerted action.

“DEUTZ stands for responsible corporate governance. By joining the UN Global Compact, DEUTZ is now taking the next step toward more sustainability. The coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout may be the dominant topic at present, but we must not lose sight of the global challenges that we will continue to face long after this crisis has subsided,” says DEUTZ CEO Dr. Frank Hiller. At the same time, the Company wishes to send a clear signal to suppliers that they will be held more accountable for their sustainability performance going forward. For example, they will be required to ensure that their business activities conform with the DEUTZ Supplier Code and DEUTZ will check and assess their compliance.

With more than 12,000 participating companies and organizations from around 160 countries, the UNGC is the biggest global initiative for responsible corporate governance. Based on ten universally accepted principles, each member freely undertakes to promote human rights, fair working conditions, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption, and to prepare annual reports on its progress in respect of these issues. In addition to these ten principles, signatories are also called upon to promote the general objectives of the United Nations and, in particular, its 17 sustainable development goals. DEUTZ is placing its focus primarily on aspects relating to climate change mitigation, fostering innovation, sustainable consumption and production, decent work, and gender equality.

As part of the groupwide sustainability strategy ‘Taking Responsibility’, DEUTZ had already set itself a variety of goals, e.g. with regard to reducing the emissions of its production sites and increasing the proportion of women in the workforce. It thereby demonstrated its commitment to achieving commercial success in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner.

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