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The engine company. DEUTZ®

The successful management of a company depends not only on the achievement of targets but also on the manner in which they are achieved.

Compliance with the law and certain standards of conduct is a top priority for us, and there must be no compromises.

We see ourselves as a company that strives for financial success while fulfilling our corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities. This self-image is reflected both in our sustainability strategy and our code of conduct, which is intended to give guidance to all DEUTZ employees on responsible and ethically and morally correct conduct and on how to decide on the right course of action.

The code of conduct summarizes important statutory provisions, internal company policies and key standards of conduct that govern the conduct of all DEUTZ Group employees in their day-to-day work – both in terms of their dealings with business partners, officials, society, and each other.

However, we also want the rules in our code of conduct to be implemented outside the Company. This means that we expect all third parties with whom we have a business relationship to comply with this code of conduct when undertaking activities with or for DEUTZ. At the same time, especially our suppliers are challenged to ensure certain social, labor, and environmental standards and to pass on these standards also to their own suppliers. DEUTZ’ supplier code of conduct can be found here.

Our employees may contact the compliance officer if they have any questions or comments about DEUTZ’ code of conduct.

In addition, our employees and external parties, such as customers and business partners, can report possible compliance violations via the whistleblowing system, that can be found here.  


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