You are about to complete your bachelor's/master's or another degree. Now you want to write a thesis which is as interesting as it is practical.

At DEUTZ AG you can reconcile these two goals and put your commitment to science into practice. We support and supervise you so that you can make optimum use of your theoretical knowledge. At the same time we utilise your results in our everyday work.

Do you already have a specific theme in mind which you have already coordinated with your college or university? We are open to your suggestions and will check if we can comply with your request in one of our departments.

Prerequisites for a thesis at DEUTZ AG:

- Good academic performance

- Practical experience (preferably work experience/internships at DEUTZ AG)

- Foreign-language skills

- Initiative, ability to work independently

- Team and communication skills

Application deadline:

Please submit your application, stating the theme of your thesis, approximately 3-5 months before your planned start date with us. Current requests for proposals can be found on our vacancies page.

Take the opportunity of improving your chances of a professional career at DEUTZ AG by submitting a thesis!